Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is one of the most challenging issues facing Greater Los Angeles. Inglewood has prioritized this issue and made great strides in creating quality, affordable housing options.  That’s just one of the reasons why Curbed LA declared Inglewood Los Angeles’ 2014 Neighborhood of the Year.

Homeowners have seen the value of their residences nearly double since 2012, allowing for increased financial independence.  As for renters, the city is the region’s leader in affordable housing with more affordable units per capita than any other city in the South Bay.

Here are just a few of the city’s recent accomplishments regarding affordable housing.

Affordable Housing

Under the leadership of the city council, 613 affordable housing units were built, or are scheduled to be built, in Inglewood between 2011 and the end of 2018.  

In fact, 43% of affordable housing units that have opened in city in the last 48 years have been built in the last seven years alone. (Front Page with Dominique DiPrima, Interview with Mayor Butts). 

Today there are 2,846 affordable rental units in the City of Inglewood, comprising 12.4% of all rental units in the city.

Senior Living

Inglewood is committed to its seniors. In September of 2017, workers broke ground on a new 40 unit affordable senior housing project and in early 2018, the City will open a brand new $27 million Senior Center. Additionally, for seniors who own their homes, the rapid increase in property values has added economic freedom and flexibility to their golden years.

Increased Property Values

Homeowners in Inglewood are seeing the value of their homes soar, outpacing growth in nearby Hawthorne and Culver City.

Between 2012 and 2017, actual sales indicate that Inglewood home values have increased by 114%. In addition to the increased home value, the average listing times have dropped from six months to 30 days, enabling homeowners to sell quickly.

Inglewood Forward

Inglewood Forward is a group of local residents, homeowners, business and city leaders dedicated to creating jobs and improving the quality of life for Inglewood city residents. Funding for this communication has been provided by Murphy’s Bowl LLC.


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