Public Safety

While Inglewood was once known for its widespread gang activity and high crime rates, today, the city is safer than ever before. Over the last decade or so, the Inglewood Police Department has worked closely with the City Council and community members to reduce crime and improve neighborhood safety. As a result of their joint efforts, in 2016, crime in the city reached the lowest levels ever recorded

Crime Rates

Crime has declined by almost 70% in Inglewood over the last 35 years. Specifically, the last five consecutive years have had the lowest crime levels since the city started recording crime statistics in 1979. 

To put things in perspective, in 1981, there were 10,993 crimes reported, including homicides, robberies, assaults, rapes and burglaries. In comparison, between 2011 and 2016, the city reported 3,448 crimes a year on average.

Violent Crime

Mirroring the downward trajectory of crime as a whole, violent crime dropped  7% in 2015. Specifically, homicides declined by a remarkable 50% in 2015, reaching the lowest rate ever recorded in Inglewood’s history

Neighborhood Safety

Starting in 2011, the city began to take a new approach to crime fighting and community policing. Under the leadership of Mayor James Butts, a former Police Chief, the Inglewood Police Department focused on both crime prevention and intervention, hoping to address underlying public safety issues and stop crime before it starts. Their efforts have been largely successful. In 2016, the City recorded the fewest number of crimes on record in the history of Inglewood.

Inglewood Forward

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