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Davon Roebuck: Onward and Upward

On November 6, 2017, just one month after being released from prison, Davon Roebuck was working as a 1st Tier Iron Worker Apprentice on the largest construction project in the country. This opening line would take most people by surprise, but it really has the simplest explanation. Davon Roebuck came home with a different mindset than when he entered prison.

“I had a plan. I was going to come home. Stay away from bad influences. Get a job. And, move on with my life.”

A committed husband, Davon and his wife immediately began searching for opportunities that would keep him home with her instead of out in the streets, hustling to make his way. She came across an ad for the LA Stadium’s Jobs Information and Resource Fair. Davon attended the event at Rogers Park in Inglewood and met a business agent from Local 433. Though he had no qualifying credentials, the business agent was impressed with Davon’s eagerness to work and learn, and the fact that he is not afraid of heights, was a great bonus.

The Business Agent directed Devon to meet with Mike Ector from the South Bay One-Stop. Mike talked him through the process and shared the schedule of classes, interviews and tests with Davon. Determined and working his own plan, Davon “read the process” and instead of waiting on the Inglewood schedule, he drove to another One-Stop location with earlier testing and interviews. Impressed once again, the Business Agent requested to have Davon on his team the first day of work, and the rest is history. Mr. Roebuck reported to Zone 1 on the Stadium site just as steel erection and prep for seating installation had begun. On a typical day, Davon may assist welders as they singe steel beams in place from hanging floats (think of scaffolds) and beam chairs. He is also learning the details of installing bin plates.

To be clear, Davon is a rare first apprentice. Notwithstanding time served, he is fearless in the innate way that a surgeon must have steady hands. This will take him far on this project and in the trade. When asked, Davon says he looks forward to working up to the last day. He is grateful and humbled to be a million miles from where he was this time last year and is putting in the work to earn an honest day’s pay. In so much as innovation represents metamorphosis, Davon Roebuck represents innovation in thought. Attitude and positive thinking are essential to success. Congratulations, sir—onward and upward!

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