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Three Weavers Brewing Company

Lynne Weaver felt it was time.  After having three daughters — her three little Weavers — she decided to return to work and create a new chapter.  She wanted to do something she had a passion for. She had learned to brew at home as a hobby, and the idea of combining her background in business and finance with her genuine passion for brewing was an easy decision.  Lynne developed a business plan, teamed with brewmaster Alexandra Nowell, and launched Three Weavers, an independent craft brewery, in 2013. Three Weavers opened shop in Inglewood, at 1031 W. Manchester Blvd, in a location that includes a malt handling room, a bottling area, packaging and storage areas, a tasting room, and an outdoor patio open to the public. (Stop by for a taste!).  

Lynne and Alexandra began brewing and securing business, and Three Weavers grew much more quickly than Lynne’s original business plan projected.  Today, Three Weavers products — all brewed right here in Inglewood — are distributed in Vons, the Coliseum, the Historic Forum, and all over LA County.   They’ve been featured on NPR’s Marketplace — take a listen.

Lynne grew up in Orange County and remembers the riots of the early 90s, and the negative stereotypes that burdened large parts of Los Angeles.  In 2013, when Lynne was considering locations for Three Weavers, her real estate agent kept pressing her to visit Inglewood. She was resistant. After thinking about it, Lynne realized her views of Inglewood were based only on vague stories.  She had never actually visited. She decided to put these preconceived views aside, and with an open mind she visited the potential site for Three Weavers. She immediately fell in love and knew right away it was the perfect location. Once Lynne came into the community, she realized how off-base the stereotypes about Inglewood had been.  When she started visiting City Hall she met very nice and helpful people who work for the City and she began to see Inglewood as it really is — a place of community, revitalization, and pride.

For Lynne, Three Weavers was always meant to be more than a beer brewery.  Back when she brewed at home, she saw the important connection between beer and community.  Starting this new chapter was a chance not just to brew, but to cultivate community and bring people together.  As Lynne writes this adventurous new chapter in her life, there is no better place to be than Inglewood — a city full of community and culture embarking on an exciting new chapter of its own.  

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For more information, please stop by Three Weavers at 1031 W. Manchester Blvd, Unit A-B,  90301. Please visit and follow on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Ph. (310) 400-5830 | E.

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